Operation Hot Tub and Pretty Flowers

In October of 2018, Scott and I closed on our perfectly Tardis Blue house on a hill. Now that we are entering the summer months, we have begun to tackle some of the deck projects that needed to be addressed. First project: assessing the hardly used hot tub that came with the house. You read that right. We bought a house with a hot tub, but the sellers had not used it.

Scott spent the morning scrubbing the cover and draining the water that had collected in the tub. Then he renforced some of the board around the tub. Tomorrow there will be lots of scrubbing the inside and then next weekend we should be able to do a proper test (have to wait for the filter to get in).

While Scott was doing the hard labor, Moxie was doing what she does best…being a Deck Dog and Hermione watched from inside the cool house.

I tended to my little container garden (don’t judge my pepper plants…I have no idea what’s going on!) and picked some of my beautiful blue hydrangeas (I dare you to tell me they aren’t stunning!) And of course I couldn’t resist taking some photos of my engagement rings with the flowers.

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